Louie’s P & R

Louie's P & R

Herrin, IL
120 East Walnut Street Herrin, IL 62948
Louie’s P and R is a tradition in Southern Illinois. Their classic Italian market is a grocery store with an exceptional meat and deli counter, and a dine in area with all the right atmosphere of old brick and vintage photos, you can dine in or carry out, order ahead for your events, plus they ship orders. Order your meal and dine in inside this lovely old classic building, or take it with you.  Their signature offering is their deliciously unique special recipe Italian salameat. Their sandwiches and menu items are a delightful experience. Louie's P & R is is a grocery market, and dine-in opportunity in a lovely vintage building.

Louie's P & R

120 East Walnut Street, Herrin, Illinois, USA

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Louie's P & R
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